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Chancellor Klein Asks Parents to Review School Fitness Reports with Their Children


Over 810,000 NYC FITNESSGRAM Reports Sent to Students and Parents with Information on Whether a Student is in the “Healthy Fitness Zone”

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein today marked the delivery of more than 810,000 NYC FITNESSGRAM reports by attending a Bronx school and reminding students, parents, and principals about the importance of healthy living. Each personal NYC FITNESSGRAM report, delivered to families over the past three weeks, measures components of a student’s health and recommends ways to improve healthy habits such as daily exercise and better nutrition. Students in grades K-3 receive one report—for parents or guardians—while students in grades 4-12 receive two reports—one for them and one for their parents or guardians.

“Tonight, I hope that parents sit down with their children to discuss the importance of healthy living,” Chancellor Klein said. “As First Lady Michelle Obama has reminded us, we need to not only promote healthy activity in our schools, but also help our families and communities learn to make healthy decisions for themselves; only then will we make real progress in battling the epidemic of childhood obesity.”

“With programs like NYC FITNESSGRAM and Shape Up NYC, our city is taking a lead in promoting healthy living and expanding fitness opportunities for families,” Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott said. “We hope participation in NYC FITNESSGRAM continues to expand so that its message reaches every community.”

“Childhood obesity can have devastating lifelong health consequences,” New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said. “They range from asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure to heart disease later in life. I hope all the parents receiving NYC FITNESSGRAM reports will review them carefully—and take simple steps needed to help their children thrive.”

“As we reinforce higher standards for nutrition and physical activity in our updated School Wellness Policies, we’re especially excited that this year’s reports are on the way home to families,” Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm said. “An ongoing partnership between schools, families, and communities is essential to reversing childhood obesity.”

NYC FITNESSGRAM consists of a series of exercises that measure components of health-related fitness, including body composition, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and aerobic capacity. Teachers input the results of these assessments into a Web-based application developed by the DOE’s Division of Informational and Instructional Technology (DIIT).  Teachers participating in NYC FITNESSGRAM received extensive training on conducting the tests and using the Web-based application. Last year’s analysis of NYC FITNESSGRAM data, which shows a striking correlation between fitness levels and academic achievement, can be found online.

All reports are available in 10 languages. A sample report may be found here.