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No events scheduled for 12/6/2016
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News and Speeches

Statement by Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, CSA President Ernest Logan, and UFT President Michael Mulgrew on Agreement to Make-up School Days Lost As A Result of Hurricane Sandy


“We are pleased that the City, the CSA and the UFT reached an agreement on making up school days lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Teachers, principals, and the school community made an extraordinary effort to get our schools back online after the storm, and by working together, we were able to open most schools with minimal disruption. It is just as important that we recover the time lost, and this agreement will provide students with additional class instruction. In order to make-up the days students lost and to retain our eligibility for state funding, the last three days of winter break (February 20-22) will become full school days, and the June 4th clerical half day will also become a full day of class instruction.”