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ARIS Parent Link Resources


    What is ARIS Parent Link?


ARIS Parent Link Video: Parents as Partners
This short video clip shows how parents can use ARIS Parent Link to stay up-to-date about their child's academic progress.


picture     How do parents access ARIS Parent Link? 


The website is translated into ten languages. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To log in, parents will need:

  • Their child's OSIS ID
  • Temporary Password
  • Email Address
  • Internet Access


    How do parents get access to their temporary password?


Password Management Tutorial

Every school has at least one ARIS Parent Link Administrator (APL Admin). This person has access to the temporary passwords for their school. They are also able to reset passwords for parents who have logged into ARIS before.

This tutorial will show you how to find the passwords for your school if you are the APL Admin. Note: to access passwords, you need to login in to ARIS:, not ARIS Parent Link.



     How do I give out the passwords?


Student ID and Temporary Password Letters
For security purposes, you cannot give out passwords over the phone or through email. Click on the links above to download and print out blank Student ID and Temporary Password Letters. You can give these letters to parents in person, in their child's backpack, or send them through the mail.

    How else can I support families with ARIS Parent Link?


Would you like to print out letters for an entire class, grade or school. We recommend mail merging your own login letters. You can use the templates here to make your own letters without having to handwrite them one by one. Be sure to read the tutorial before you get started!

Email Address
Do you need to help parents create an email address? This tutorial contains screenshots of, and to explain how to open a new email account.

Computer and Literacy Resource List
There are free resources available for families throughout New York City. This list focuses on computer access, language and literacy support. Talk to your principals about your families' needs and the resources available to support them.

Thank you for supporting families with ARIS Parent Link. For more information, visit the ARIS Parent Link Library of Resources.