Chancellor’s Regulations

    The Regulations listed on this Web site are the only New York City Department of Education Chancellor's Regulations currently in effect.

    Volume A

    100 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-101Admissions, Readmissions, Transfers and List Notice for All Students,01/21/16


    Non-Resident Enrollment06/29/09

    Home Instruction Services

    A-185Zoning Lines for Elementary and Middle Schools01/14/05
    A-190Significant Changes In School Utilization10/08/10
    200 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-210Minimum Standards for Attendance Programs09/20/13
    A-240 Reasons for Discharging Students08/21/13
    A-250Employment Certificates06/28/11
    400 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-411Behavioral Crisis De-Escalation/Intervention and Contacting 91105/21/15
    A-412Security in the Schools11/08/06
    Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices in Schools
    A-414Safety Plans03/24/10
    A-415Department of Education Emergency Notification System03/24/10
    A-418Sex Offender Notification08/05/08
    A-420Pupil Behavior and Discipline - Corporal Punishment10/30/14
    A-421Pupil Behavior and Discipline - Verbal Abuse10/30/14
    A-432Search & Seizure09/13/05
    A-443Student Discipline Procedures03/05/04
    A-449Safety Transfers03/09/11
    A-450Involuntary Transfer Procedures01/20/11 
    500 SeriesRegulation Name Issue Date
    A-501Promotion Standards06/02/14
    600 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-601Activities, Clubs and Organizations07/03/09
    A-610Fundraising Activities and Collection of Money from Students11/22/02
    A-630Religious Accommodation of Students06/29/09
    A-640Filming at School Facilities06/15/09 
    A-650Flea Markets06/29/09
    A-655School and District Leadership Teams03/24/10
    A-660Parent Associations and the Schools06/27/12 


    A-663 Attachments Only (Other Languages)











    Uniforms Policy03/22/12
    A-670School Trips (English Attachments Included)08/18/11
    700 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-701School Health Services08/15/12
    A-710Section 504 Policy and Procedures for Students01/20/11
    A-715Administration of Epinephrine to Students with severe allergies.08/22/12
    A-740Pregnant And Parenting Students And Reproductive Health Privacy11/13/08
    A-750Child Abuse Prevention01/20/11
    A-755Suicide Prevention/Intervention08/18/11
    A-780Students in Temporary Housing06/29/09
    800 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    A-801Pupil Transportation09/05/00
    A-810Eligibility Free and Reduced - Price Meals06/29/09
    A-812Competitive foods02/25/10
    A-815Administration and Accountability in the School Food Service Program01/20/11
    A-816After School Hours Food Services Program06/18/09
    A-820Confidentiality and Release of Student Records; Records Retention                                                                                06/29/09 
    A-825 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Disclosure of Information to Institutions of Higher Learning and the Military01/21/16
    A-830Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures for Filing Internal Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination08/21/13
    A-831Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment10/12/11
    A-832Student-To-Student Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, and/or Bullying08/21/13
    A-860Naming And Renaming A New York City Public School or A Particular Area Within A New York City Public School 03/26/12

    Volume B

    800 Series

    Regulation Name

    Issue Date
    B-801School Based Budgeting 01/20/11
    Volume C
    30 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    C-30Regulation Governing the Selection, Assignment and Appointment of Principals and Assistant Principals05/21/15
    C-31Procedures for Termination of Licenses or Certificates Held by Substitute Teachers or Regularly Licensed Personnel Who Have Not Achieved Tenure10/16/02
    C-33Removal and Transfer of Principals for Persistent Educational Failures12/11/02
    C-37Selection of Community Superintendents08/22/14
    100 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    C-100Disciplinary Conference for Certain School Bus Drivers and Escorts06/25/09
    C-102Controlled Substance & Alcohol Use by School Transportation Workers06/25/09
    C-105Background Investigations of Pedagogical and Administrative Applicants and Procedures in Cases of the Arrest of Employees02/11/03
    C-110Conflicts of Interest, Community Education Council Members, Employment of Family Members06/29/09
    C-115Required Background Investigation09/05/00
    C-120Disclosure of Financial Interests Reports06/26/12
    C-175Per Session Employment06/11/15 
    C-190Utilization of Consultant11/28/00
    200 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    C-200License Terms09/12/00
    C-201Evaluations & Licensing (Release Pending. Until further notice please continue to refer to the hard copy of Chancellor's Regulation C-201, dated 6/24/1993 .)09/05/00
    C-205General Licensing Provisions and Requirements09/05/00
    C-206Occasional Per Diem  Substitute Service09/05/00
    C-208Teacher Training Programs09/05/00
    C-210 School Secretarial Service09/05/00
    C-215Recertification of Regularly Appointed Teachers and Other Non-Supervisory School Staff Subject to Layoff06/17/91
    C-220School Medical Bureau License Requirements01/01/91
    C-225Education Administrator - Instruction Specialist License Requirements02/12/92
    C-230School Supervisor and Administrator License Requirements09/26/02
    C-240Teacher License Requirements09/05/00
    C-251License Requirements09/05/00
    C-266Laboratory Specialist in Secondary Schools License Requirements01/29/92
    C-274License Requirements for School Psychiatrist01/01/91
    600 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    C-601Attendance and Service of School Staff09/05/00
    C-602Attendance of Services of Headquarters and District Office Staff09/05/00
    C-603Responsibilities of Absent Employees08/01/02
    C-605Salary, Attendance and Leave of Pedagogical Employees06/29/09
    C-606 Time Off for Religious Observance09/20/05
    C-607Salary, Attendance and Leave of Management Employees06/29/09

    Vacation Entitlement Upon Change from Headquarters to School Vacation Status

    C-650 Sabbatical Leave of Absence09/28/00
    700 SeriesRegulation Name Issue Date
    C-770Assignment of Suspended Employees09/05/00
    800 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    C-810Smoke-Free Environment Policy01/17/13
    Volume D
    100 SeriesRegulation NameIssue Date
    D-110Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Procedures06/18/09
    D-120Ethics Code for Parent and Community Members of School Leadership Teams04/27/09
    D-130Use of School Buildings by Candidates, Elected Officials and Political Organizations, and Conduct of School Employees and Officers with Respect to Political Campaigns and Elections06/22/09
    D-140Process for the Nomination and Selection of Members of Community The Community Education Councils Including Filling Vacancies10/30/14
    D-150Process for the Selection of Members of The Citywide Council on Special Education and the Citywide District 75 Council06/26/12
    D-160Process for the Nomination and Selection of Members of the Citywide Council on High Schools Including Filling Vacancies.06/26/12
    D-170Process for the Nomination and Selection of Members of the Citywide Council on English Language Learners including Filling Vacancies10/31/13
    D-180Extended Use of School Buildings03/24/10