Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


What are Supplemental Educational Services?  

Supplementary Educational Services are tutoring or other remedial services provided by an “approved provider” outside of the regular school day which can be after school or on weekends.  SES is an option for parents of students enrolled in Title I schools “In Need of Improvement – Year 1 or 2, Title I schools in Corrective Action Year 1 or 2 or Restructuring and Advanced Restructuring” and who are free lunch eligible under federal guidelines.  

Please see FAQ’s for Parents for further information regarding the identification of schools and student eligibility.  

How do I become a Supplemental Educational Services Provider?

Interested parties must apply to the New York State Education by submitting an application in response to a "Request for Qualifications" (RFQ) during the NYSED’s Application Period.  Approved applicants will be placed in NYSED's "Approved Supplemental Educational Services Provider" (ASESP) catalog. Visit the NYSED’s website for further information:

After receiving your approval letter from the NYSED, visit the Division of Contracts and Purchasing website to apply for a contract with the NYCDOE to provide SES in NYC.

Who are the SES providers?

Providers are approved by the NYS Education Department.  Providers include school districts, community-based agencies, faith-based institutions, non-profit and for-profit education organizations. There are currently more than 100 providers approved to work in NYC schools. 

What is the process to request space to operate an SES in a DOE school?

Providers interested in specific schools are required to obtain an Extended Use Application from the school’s custodian and submit applications to the school principal or authorized designee for their review and consideration.  Providers may attach program information responsive to the guidelines.  

If schools cannot accommodate all interested providers, principals will make determinations based on the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Accommodating Approved SES Providers in NYC Public Schools

Provider has a track record of demonstrated effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and service delivery

Provider’s program can meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities and ELLs

Provider is flexible in scheduling tutoring sessions

For Providers that offered SES in your school building during the previous school year, please also consider the following guidelines:

Instructors/Tutors and students were adequately supervised during tutoring sessions, and supervisors or managers were readily available and accessible.

Provider supplied enough materials for every student in their program in a timely manner.

Provider took care of the school property and followed school safety and emergency procedures.

There was adequate and ongoing communication with school staff and parents regarding student progress.

Provider addressed school and/or parent concerns responsibly and promptly

Providers that operate SES programs in NYCDOE school buildings are subject to a 9% facilities charge.

Extended Use:  Between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays during school year, space use is free. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. discount is applied based on the square footage of the building.  A labor fee is charged.  The labor fee is a payment to the custodians based on hours of usage. 

  • A fee of 15% is added to all permit costs for fringe costs. 
  • Permit application must be paid in full prior to the use of the building.
  • To calculate the cost of space and labor, click here to visit the Extended Use Website  

What is the process for the selection of a provider by parents?

SES information packets are sent to the homes of all eligible students.

The packet includes a parent notification letter from the Chancellor, a provider directory, timeline, a pre-printed selection form with student information & instructions for filling out the form and selecting a provider.

Schools hold orientation sessions on NCLB including SES and Public School Choice Parents contact providers and schedule interviews.   

  • Once a parent has made a selection, provider enters program service code on the selection form.
  •  Provider and Parent sign where indicated; the completed form is submitted to the Senior Grants Officer in the  Integrated Service Center by the established due date
  • Providers use the NCLB/SES Database to view students assigned to programs and to contact parents
  • Fall SES program begins on or after October 18, 2011 (enrollment is ongoing until, April 29, 2011).
  • Programs conclude by June 24, 2011.

Can a parent select any provider anywhere in the City?

Yes.  The parent of an eligible child may select any provider that is on the approved list regardless of the location. 

BUT transportation is not provided by the NYCDOE.

What is in the provider directory?

The provider directory contains contact information, descriptions about each provider program, type of instruction, duration and frequency of SES sessions, experience of the provider, qualifications of the provider’s staff, and demonstrated effectiveness of the provider program.

What is on the Provider Selection Form?

Pre-printed label with the eligible student’s information:

Name, address, student ID, school, grade, district, parent contact information  

What should occur at the first tutoring session?  

Providers should administer a pre-assessment to determine areas of academic need.  

At the first session, the parent and the provider sit down and complete the Supplemental Student Educational Plan for the child that includes: 

  • Achievement goals 
  • Timeframe 
  •  Evaluation Tools – Measure of success  

Click here to download the Student Plan template  

Copies of the Student Plans must be maintained at the service sites at all times during the school year.
In order to receive first payment, providers will be required to submit copies of the Student Plans to central. Details will be provided in the Certification and Payment Memorandum.  

How a parent is kept informed of their student’s progress?

The provider MUST prepare a report (at a minimum on a quarterly basis) listing the student’s attendance, her/his progress and recommended actions for the next tutoring sessions.  The provider must send a copy of this report to the student’s parent’s and to the school.  

Click here to download the Attendance/Progress Report template  

What happens if a student transfers from the school?  Does he/she continue to receive SES?

Yes, if the student transfers to another Title I SINI Year 2 .

No, if the student transfers to a non-Title I SINI Year 2 or leaves the NYCDoE school system.  The Provider is notified and services are terminated immediately.  

How are providers paid?  
Payment is based on actual hours that a student has attended

Attendance is recorded & maintained on a secure web-based tracking system (training is provided by the NYCDOE)

Invoices are generated online  

NYCDOE Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for SES Providers.

All SES Providers must abide by the following Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics:    
General Guidelines 

1.Conduct business honestly, openly, fairly, and with integrity.
2. Comply with applicable laws, statutes, regulations and ordinances.
3.  Avoid known conflict of interest situations.
4. Never offer or accept illegal payments for services rendered.
5.  Apply these guidelines and standards throughout the company by insuring all employees understand them and act accordingly.
6. Refrain from publicly criticizing or disparaging other providers.
7.Comply with the confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions of all applicable federal, state and local laws, including those relating to student identity, records, reports, data, scores and other sensitive information.
8. Be factual and forthright in reporting and documenting attendance rates, effectiveness of their programs, and in explaining the theoretical/empirical rationale behind major elements of its program, as well as the link between research and program design.
9. Take appropriate corrective action against provider employees, consultants or contractors who act in a manner detrimental to the letter or spirit of this code.
 10. Take immediate steps to correct any actions on its part that willfully or inadvertently violate of the letter or spirit of this code.  

Standards Specific to SES 

SES Providers will consistently implement the NYCDOE’s NCLB Supplemental Services provisions and promote full access to SES services.  

To that end, Providers will NOT: 

1.   Compensate school district employees personally in exchange for access to facilities, to obtain student lists, to assist with marketing or student recruitment, to promote enrollment in a provider’s program at the exclusion of other providers, to obtain other similar benefits for their SES program, or for any illegal purpose.
2.  Employ any DOE employees in any capacity, except that current DOE teachers (including teachers working at the DOE as guidance counselors) may be employed as instructors or as Lead Teachers.
3. Employ any former DOE employees with less than one year of separation from the DOE in any capacity which puts them in any contact with the DOE or its employees - including meetings, telephone calls and written communications.   However, former DOE teachers (including teachers who worked as guidance counselors) with less than one year of separation from the DOE are permitted to work as instructors or as Lead Teachers.
4. Make payments or in-kind contributions to schools or school personnel, exclusive of customary fees for facility utilization in exchange for access to facilities, to obtain student lists, to increase student enrollment, to obtain other similar benefits for their SES program or for any illegal purpose.
5. Misrepresent to anyone, including parents (during student recruitment), the location of a provider’s program, principal/district or state’s approval of a provider, or the likelihood of becoming so approved.
6. Offer a parent or student any form of incentive for signing-up with a provider.
7. Implement a rewards program for attendance and/or achievement that is not part of the provider’s state-approved program.
8.Employ an SES enrolled student.
9. Use the DOE’s enrollment form that has the selected provider’s name pre-printed as part of the form.
10. Encourage students/parents to switch providers once enrolled. A student is considered enrolled once the District has issued the formal student/Provider selection list.

Who do I contact?
For assistance on the selection process, policy & related matters:
Office NCLB/SES Implementation at

For assistance on the contracting process: 
Division of Contracts and Purchasing:
Susan Naste
Click here to visit DCP web site 
For Provider changes on the NYSED website or to ask questions regarding SES, please use this email address:
Click here   to visit NYSED web site

To report any wrongdoing regarding the SES program, contact the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigations for the NYC School District :
(212) 510-1400
Click here to visit SCI website