Guidelines to Apply for a Permit to Use Classroom Space

Providers - Guidelines to Apply for a Permit to Use Classroom Space

NCLB Supplemental Educational Services Non-Regulatory Guidance (June 13, 2005) provides in pertinent part: “an LEA should select providers to operate on-site in a manner that is fair, transparent, and objective.  Whatever the system an LEA uses, it should strive to provide parents with as diverse and large a group of on-site providers as possible, including faith-based and community providers.”


The guidelines are intended to assist principals in accommodating interested SES providers in school locations.  Principals should use the guidelines to select providers to work in their school buildings when there is not enough room for all providers to run their programs on-site.


If schools cannot accommodate all interested providers, principals are asked to make determinations based on the following guidelines:

·          Provider has a track record of demonstrated effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and service delivery

·          Provider’s program can meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities and ELLs

·          Provider is flexible in scheduling tutoring sessions.

·          For Providers that offered SES in your school building during the 2005-06 school year,  please also consider the following guidelines:

·          Instructors/Tutors and students were adequately supervised during tutoring sessions, and supervisors or managers were available and accessible.

·          Provider supplied enough materials for every student in their program in a timely manner.

·          Provider took care of the school property and followed school safety and emergency procedures.

·          There was adequate and ongoing communication with school and parents regarding student progress.