Roles and Responsibilities

Providers - Roles and Responsibilities

Below is a list of the required roles and responsibilities of the DOE and Providers in the SES process.  This list also suggests action steps for parents and families.   

LEA Roles and Responsibilities  

An LEA must:         

    Notify parents about the availability of services, at least annually. 
    Help parents choose a provider, if requested. 
    Determine which students should receive services if not all students can be served. 
    Enter into an agreement with a provider selected by parents of an eligible student. 
    Assist the SEA in identifying potential providers within the LEA. 
    Protect the privacy of students who receive Supplemental Educational Services.

Provider Roles and Responsibilities

 A provider is responsible for meeting the terms of its agreement with the LEA including:

  •  Enabling the student to attain his or her specific achievement goals (as established by the LEA, in consultation with the student’s parents and the provider) [Section 1116(e)(3)(A)];
  • Measuring the student’s progress, and regularly informing the student’s parents and teachers of that progress;
  •  Adhering to the timetable for improving the student’s achievement that is developed by the LEA in consultation with the student’s parents and the provider;
  • Ensuring that it does not disclose to the public the identity of any student eligible for or receiving Supplemental Educational Services without the written permission of the student’s parents ] ;
  • Providing supplemental educational services consistent with applicable health, safety, and civil rights laws; and,
  • Providing supplemental educational services that are secular, neutral, and non-ideological.
  • Students with Disabilities In the case of a student with a disability, the achievement goals, measurement and reporting of progress, and timetable must be consistent with (although not included in) the student’s individualized education program under Section 614(d) of the IDEA.  In the case of a student covered by Section 504, they must be consistent with (although not included in) the student’s individualized services under Section 504.

In addition, providers are required to:

  • Target outreach to parents only
  •  Provide accurate & appropriate program information to parents in understandable language
  • Ensure the program is under the general supervision of a NYS certified teacher
  • Maintain accurate attendance & academic records (subject to review at any time)
  • Prepare progress reports for parent/guardian & child’s school
  • Submit final report

  Parent Responsibility  

  • Review list of approved providers for the region
  • If needed, consult with school to determine child’s needs
  • If needed, request assistance in the selection of a provider
  •  Attend orientation sessions at child’s school
  •  Meet with approved provider(s)
    • Complete Enrollment Form
    • Select provider & sign Enrollment Form
  • Complete child’s Supplemental Educational Services Plan with selected provider