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Respect for All

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

The ADL has made multi-grade Women's History Month Resources available including a new feature “Book of the Month” which this month highlights the K-2 children’s book Grace for President.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves is currently accepting grant applications for its in-depth program of professional development and teaching materials valued at more than $10,000 which is recommended for middle and high school educators in U.S. and Global History, Government, Civics, and ELA classrooms. Deadline for applications is Monday, March 31. 

Respect For All (RFA) Week 2013-2014

On March 22, 2014, IS 141 in Astoria hosted an awards ceremony for schools that are helping to spread the message of respect in their classrooms.

Please note Respect For All Week 2014-2015 will be February 9-13, 2015



Edutopia offers excellent social emotional learning resources on building empathy.

Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan Into a Life Skill - learn how to harness the power of cooperative learning to build empathy with the "jigsaw method."  

Resources for Learning About Empathy  - A collection of tips and strategies for teaching empathy in your classroom. 

9 Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection - these videos are powerful reminders of  the importance of re-connecting, treating people with kindness and respect, and being generous and compassionate to both loved ones and strangers