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I am concerned that my child may be the target of bullying behavior. What should I do?

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Report Your Concerns to Your Child’s School

If you are concerned that your child is the target of bullying behavior, please report your concerns to your child’s school. Depending on the age/grade level of your child and the circumstances of the incident(s) you are reporting, you may decide to report to a teacher or counselor, an assistant principal, the RFA Liaison, Parent Coordinator, or the principal.

You can find contact information for your school on your school’s web portal. You can find your school’s web portal using “School Search" (in the center of our home page).  When you open the school’s web portal, the office phone number will be listed in the right margin under “School Details.”

If, after reporting to your child’s school, you require additional assistance, please email

All reports of harassment, discrimination and/or bullying behavior will be investigated. Please see Chancellor’s Regulation A-832 for Student-to-Student Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation and/or Bullying, and the Policy Resources section of this website for more information about related policies.

How can I support my child in taking a stand against bullying behavior?

Encourage your child to use these resources for students.

What can I do if I am concerned that my child may be engaging in bullying behavior?

Here is information on providing guidance regarding children who bully.

Learn More about Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Respect for All Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

new!  The Office of Safety and Youth Development is delighted to share this slideshow of the RFA Anti-Bullying Poster Contest.   A list of students who won the poster contest is available here.  Once again, congratulations to all the students whose artwork was celebrated in the contest!