Social media can enhance education, communication, and learning. This technology can provide both educational and professional benefits, including helping students to succeed in their educational and career endeavors. The New York City Department of Education (DOE) creates professional social media environments that mirror the academically supportive environments of our schools.



Staff Social Media Guidelines

The Staff Social Media Guidelines  recommend practices for professional social media communication between DOE employees, as well as social media communication between DOE employees and their students. The Staff Social Media Guidelines also address recommended practices for use of personal social media by DOE staff.

Teachers’ Guide to Student Social Media Guidelines

In an increasingly digital world, we want our students to have all the opportunities that multi-media learning can provide, which is why we allow and encourage the appropriate use of these powerful resources. The Teachers’ Guide to Student Social Media Guidelines  helps educators challenge our students with new methods of learning, while ensuring that we are using these tools responsibly.

The Student Social Media Guidelines and Infographics

The Student Social Media Guidelines, and the corresponding Infographics (linked below), focus on five areas:

Print out this flier to spread the word about social media guidelines to staff, students, and parents.

Other Resources

Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (IAUSP)
Further outlines what to do and not do.

Student Bill of Rights and Discipline Code
Outlines the regulations that cover students.

Sample School-Based Social Media Registry
Can be used to get approval from your principal for school-based professional social media sites you intend to set up.

Sample Parent Notification Letter
Can be customized and incorporated into your school's communication with parents at the start of the year or other times.

Cyberbullying Presentation for Administrators (Log in with your DOE username and password)
Provides additional helpful information about cyberbullying and what to do to help students with online interactions.

Professional Development

Professional Development is available for school staff (log in with your DOE username and password). Schools can also contact their networks to schedule a professional development opportunity.  For more information, send an email to

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