Social Media

Fall 2013

In an increasingly digital world, we seek to offer our students the opportunities that multi-media learning can provide, which is why we allow and encourage the appropriate use of these powerful resources. As we challenge our students with new methods of learning, we continue to ensure that these tools are used responsibly, and enrich the learning environment in our schools.

It is important for school and central staff to use tools like social networks, blogs, websites, and other online media in a way that protects the privacy and safety of our students and employees.

To that end, we have updated the DOE’s social media guidelines to incorporate feedback we’ve received from educators (get translations of the guidelines). It includes a robust FAQ section of questions that we’ve received in information sessions and by email at

Additionally, professional development (staff should log in with their DOE username and password) is available for school staff. Schools should be in touch with their network or send an email to for more information. The DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (IAUSP), provides additional information on appropriate Internet use.

It is our job as educators to understand digital tools and help our students responsibly navigate this world.

With that in mind, we have created social media guidelines for students who are 13 years old and over. In the coming months, there will be interactive materials for students. Professional development is available for school staff (log in with your DOE username and password).