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Building Facilities

School Accessibility
Accessibility Status: 1st Floor Only Accessible

For additional information please contact the custodian or the school.

Office of Program Accessibility
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Additional Data Provided by: P.S. 015 Roberto Clemente
Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building P.S. 15 - MANHATTAN, 333 EAST 4 STREET
Architectural  Electrical  Mechanical
 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
Data Provided by: School Construction Authority
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Annual Facilities Survey
Data Provided by: School Construction Authority
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Department of Health Report
DateViolation CodeExplanationCorrective ActionRemarks
1/21/201010COne of instances light bulbs not encased by shield in the freezer in students diniiing area on the 1st floor.Custodian eplace freezer light shield DOH visit. Not resolved
1/21/201008COpen bait rodenticide ( green pellets ) found on floor in the food/ dry goods storange room on the 1st floor.Dry goods storage room was immediately cleaned , mopped and sanitize all bait pellets were removed. Not resolved
1/21/201008AAccumulationof debris creating harborage conditions in dry food storage room. also same conditions as above but in locker room. Four holes observed in wall in dry food storage room.Referred to custodian to close all holes in wall in dry goods storage room, room was cleaned mopped and sanitized. Locker room was cleaned and sanitized. Not resolved
1/21/201004MVermin activity on floor between dry food storage room. along floor/ wall junction and under dry food storage shelves in dry food storage room. on floor near warmer in locker room. along / wall junction throughout locker room. OSFNS Staff re-instructed on proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. All areas were immediately cleaned. Pest Control immediately notified. Resolved
Data Provided by: Department of Health / Office of Food and Nutrition Services
Data Refresh: Nightly
Capacity and Utilization Report