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NEST+m central educational philosophy begins in the Lower School with thematic units of study, Singapore math, a foreign language, and the school-wide enrichment model. Our Middle School continues with Singapore math until 7th grade and Regents level mathematics begins in the 8th grade. Middle School science and math classes are single-gender.

Our curriculum maps for the five core disciplines of study: ELA, social studies, science, mathematics, and foreign language begin at 6th grade and end at the 12th grade. In addition, we offer our students courses in music, art, dance, technology, electives in the core disciplines, Advanced Placement, and other advanced courses including college courses from the College Now program.

Upper School students start with Regents level courses and go far beyond. Our Upper School science sequence begins with Regents physics in 9th grade, followed by chemistry and then biology. We adhere to the graduation requirements as set by the New York State Board of Regents.

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