Special Programs

The Manhattan School for Career Development provides specialacademic and transition programs that are based in our numerous sitesthroughout the city.  The programsprovide expansive career-readiness pathways for our students and areindividually tailored according to transition needs and interests.  The Manhattan School for Career Development isproud to partner with the community to provide its students a rigorous andenriching work environment.

Work preparatory programs include:

  • Building Trades
  • Classroom Teacher Assistance
  • Clerical
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction
  • Culinary Arts
  • Custodial
  • Computer Technology
  • Daycare Assistance
  • GED
  • Kitchen Assistance
  • Library
  • Maintenance
  •  Patient Care
  • Shipping & Receiving   

Community Work Affiliates:

  • STEP Ahead
  • Summer Youth Employment Program

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