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Dear Students, Parents/Guardians and School Community,

Welcome to the Manhattan School for Career Development and the Manhattan Transition Center, M751.  We are dedicated to assisting and supporting students through our four-stage instructional and career readiness program designed to maximize each student’s academic, vocational and social/emotional success. We utilize a “Person-Centered Model” while facilitating and implementing the Individualized Educational Program (IEP).   The transition IEP team ensures that students’ strengths, interests and challenges are considered.  

Our school has expertise in model transition planning. We are an innovative academic and vocational program that provides students with career exploration and training.  We collaborate with students, parents/guardians, the school community and agencies to provide students optimal post-secondary opportunities. One of the most important objectives is to teach students self-advocacy and to instill mutual respect for others.

It takes the community at large to prepare the students for a successful post-secondary life.  Together we can make it happen.  Let us all unite forces and make the dreams of our students become the reality.  

Ewa Asterita

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