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Philosophy Statement

1.  We believe in the capacity of each student to be a productive citizen of theUnited States and the larger world.

2.  We believe that our students have a right to access regularly scheduled counseling services on an on-going basis from appropriately credentialed, professional staff members who are an integral part of the school community.  

3.  We believe that education and learning are lifelong processes, and  continued growth in the academic, vocational, and personal/social domains, integrally include access to professional counseling services by properly credentialed staff, when necessary.

4.  We believe that transitioning to optimal independence is an important, normative life stage for all people and that counseling has a critical role to play in supporting this process and optimizing individual potential.

5.  We believe that promoting the optimal independence of each individual requires developing the skills to relate to others of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles, and abilities and that counseling plays a critical role in this area.

6.  We believe that assuring the involvement of parents, families, and broader communities in the education of the learners we serve is an important component of student success. 

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