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Our school's mission is to foster the growth of each student so that each may benefit from their multicultural community today, and contribute to their multifaceted world tomorrow. We will make P.S. 1 a community dedicated to the joy of learning, the excitement of discovery, and the sharing of knowledge, in the following ways: expanding the children's awareness of their world; fostering the growth of our community of lifelong learners; increasing the children's oral and written language and communication skills; integrating all curriculum areas to enhance and support the learning opportunities for our English language learners, Special Education and High-Achieving children; developing the children's critical thinking skills; and creating rigorous learning environments and opportunities for all children to meet high standards.
During the school year, non-academic activities included informal peer mediation and conflict resolution programs, and Afterschool Kids Summit. Also, cooperative learning, peer tutoring, and inquiry-based learning challenge children to think and communicate successfully.
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