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Our Mission

PS 6 is a nationally recognized leader in public education that holds high academic standards for all students. Investigative-based curriculum, interdisciplinary teaching and a highly motivated faculty serve as the foundation for identifying, developing and promoting successful strategies that meet the individual educational and emotional needs of PS 6 students. The needs of a diverse body of learners are met with programs such as Collaborative Team Teaching, intervention, and enrichment small group instruction. 

 PS6 is a school that strives for a balance between process-oriented instruction and the skills and strategies good educators have always valued.  Teachers teach programs that are an outgrowth of their staff development and their own collaborative process across and within grades.  At P.S. 6 we believe that the best instruction comes from good modeling, and that this must happen on two levels.  First, teachers use their own writing process, mathematical thinking, and reading comprehension to mode specific strategies for students.  Second, the fact that staff are deeply involved in furthering their own practices and continuing their own learning provides a model for student to do the same. 

 P.S. 6 teachers are more interested in the success of all students as individuals – academically, socially and creatively. To that end, PS 6 has a comprehensive art, music and dance program that tap into a multi-talented student body. The school values character education – training staff members, students and parents in social emotional education. PS 6 is committed to provided a balance between academic achievement and personal growth.

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