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The Special Progress Program – Our SP classes are challenging and enriching.  To qualify, students must maintain consistently high standards of achievement as evidenced by an academic average of at least 85%, with no grade below 75%.

Entrance into this program for 6th graders requires students to meet advanced proficiency scores on their 5th grade standardized reading and mathematics examinations (high level 3 and/or 4).  Current entrance requirements are listed in the Middle School Directory.

With an emphasis on research skills, and the Teachers’ College Workshop Model, this program offers a variety of exciting enrichment activities for the students, including creative writing and special projects designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.  

Foreign Language
– Students in our SP programs are able to complete three years of Spanish or French.  Proficiency exams offered in the 8th grade give the opportunity for students to place into year two of a foreign language in high school.

Regents/Honors – Wagner currently offers the Science Regents exam during students’ 8th grade year.  Honors Math classes are offered in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Students are invited to test into these courses.

Instructional Programs
– In addition to a rigorous academic program in Language Arts, Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, Wagner has many complementary programs that are available to our students.

Art – The basics of fine arts are presented in sketching, painting, and sculpting.  The year’s work culminates in our annual Spring Art Fair.  Interested students receive assistance in developing portfolios for the entrance examinations at the specialized art high schools.

Music – Our instrumental music teachers administer an aptitude test to 5th grade students in selected elementary schools.  Those who pass are offered a major in

orchestral music and may choose from the brass, woodwind, or percussion groups.  Students do not need any prior experience to qualify.  These students receive instrumental music instruction five periods per week for the entire school year.  Students who are not tested may have the opportunity to join, although space is limited.

There are two concerts performed each school year—a December Holiday Concert and a May Spring Concert.  All music students perform on stage at the Spring Concert for an audience of our school community.

This preparation in music results in many of our students being selected to perform in the Manhattan Boroughwide Band that has performed at Carnegie Hall.  Students are well prepared to pass the entrance examination for the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts High School.

Physical Education
– Believing that a sound mind and a sound body go hand in hand, physical fitness is an integral part of our school program.  All students receive double periods of physical education instruction.  Our gymnasium is a large, modern, well-equipped facility.  Students are taught skills in soccer, touch football, gymnastics, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, track and field, handball and tennis.  Tennis instruction is provided on four regulation courts during physical education class, after school and as part of our competitive tennis team in the spring.

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