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The Ella Baker School is an educational community that is committed to educating young students by providing a curriculum that supports individual interests and skills, and provides multiple entry points for the academically, socially and intellectually diverse group of students that compromise each class. We see the role of the school as not only to teach the necessary academic skills for being a literate, successful member of society, but also the skills of cooperation and peaceful co-existence.
la Baker students pursue academic studies through literature based reading, writing process, emergent curriculum, and TERC mathematics. Children's work is evaluated and assessed on an ongoing basis. This information is presented to parents in family conferences and in extensive narrative reports.
Ella Baker students participate in special arts and music programs such as The Joyce Dance Ensemble workshop, The New York Collegium, The Salvadori Architecture Program and Julia Richman art exhibitions. During the winter all students go ice-skating weekly at Wollman Rink.
Ella Baker participates in the Everybody Wins reading program in collaboration with Bloomberg News. Bloomberg volunteers come to Ella Baker during their lunch hour to read with individual students. We have collaborations with Bank Street, Sarah Lawrence and Hunter Colleges. We are a part of the Coalition of Essential Schools network.
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