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Student Support Services

At UASBYW, we are committed to preparing you to succeed academically, intellectually and emotionally. Our school community provides a welcoming envronment, conducive to both learning and socializing where respect for students is clearly evident and differences embraced. It is for this reason that we go beyond the legal requirements to provide the proper guidance and support during these crucial years by instituting the following student support systems.

Advisory System

This is students' time to be creative and authentic, their time to shine, to foster bonds that will last a lifetime. Their advisory grou is a support team througout their years at UASBYW and beyond. The advisory system is here to ensure that they are receiving individual attention, support and guidance. An advisor is a person they can go if they need help, guidanceor just a little encouragement. The advisor is instrumental in ensuring that students feel a sense of belonging at the school and that they are aware of the programs offered. Each Advisory group meets everyday of the week and will remain under the guidance fo the same advisor until graduation. Each student will have the opportunityto build a strong lasting friendships with their peers and advisor that will strengthen through the years and create support networks during their high school and college years.

The Guidance Circle

The Guidance Circle composed of faculty advisors and a social worker is here to address any of the emotional and intellectual needs that students may have. Out of these meetings they creat a plan of ation to address any issues causing emotional crisis or unsatisfactory work. The team works in collaboration with students and their families to implement the action plan.

English Language Learners Institute (ELLI)

It is our hope that students develop the skills and confidence necessary to express themselves successfully in English and to become fully engaged in all aspects of community life here at UASBYW. they will also have access to the Career Development Center's Language Lab. Our digital language lab is one of the primary technologies, which allows students to practice and learn to speak English. We want them to vocalize their academic concerns and needs, particularly in terms of second language acquisition and this is the place to do it. Our ELLI Learning Specialist will be availabel to see them on a daily basis after-school, and by appointment only during their lunch break. The ELLI institute is housed in our Career Development Center.

The Career Development Center (CDC)

The services offered at UASBYW's Career Development Center are aimed at helping students make informed decisions and better educational and career choices. The Career Development Center's Director, Advisors and partner organizations will provide services varying from psychological counseling, mentoring, internships and career and college planning. The career exploration and college-planing program will be part of the advisory curriculum. This full service program will focus on students' individual needs and drive them to become involved in and excited about long term career and college goals. As participants, they will understand the direct connection between performance in school and their future. CDC will also house ELLI and the Center for Academic Excellence, designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. Our Learning Specialists, who are also teaching faculty, work with students one-on-one to address their individual needs and assist in developing learning and organizational strategies. They can meet on to four times a week with the Learning Specialist in the CDC's ELLI or Center for Academic Excellence.

The Sessions

This unique Co-curricular program is designed as an extension of our school day and year to provide more opportunities for growth and development through the exploration of personal academic interst. Beause we recognize that students are multi-faceted and enjoy learning, we have divided The Sessions into three areas: The After-Session, an after school program that offers academic tutoring, clubs, and other co-curricular activities; The Saturday Session, a program that offers community building, Regents, and portfolio preparation; The Summer Session, a program designed specifically for those students mot meeting the promotional criteria of UASBYW.

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