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Our mission is to prepare our students in the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship to enter the professional world immediately or for success in two-year or four-year business programs. Real-life challenges and issues are integrated into every area of the curriculum, so that graduates leave with a Regents diploma, a Career and Technical Education endorsement in Business and Marketing, first-hand knowledge of the sports industry, 21st century workforce Skills, the ability to handle college-level coursework in each academic area, and experience working with professionals in the field.

Our vision is founded on the belief that all young people must be prepared for high-skill and high wage- careers, engage in quality learning experiences, and exhibit college and career readiness upon graduation from high school. We prepare our graduates for meaningful career pathways in the business industry and readiness to compete in the 21st century economy with critical thinking, communication, interpersonal skills and 21st century work force readiness skills. 

We use the shared language of sports to focus students on gaining technical business skills and certifications.  Our students graduate ready to pursue careers and/or training as business analysts, journalists, accountants, advertising managers, and entrepreneurs.  The school plan targets student participation in a rigorous and relevant program of studies that builds business management and administration competencies within a core academic curriculum related to the sports entertainment industry.

Students have opportunities for real world learning in the sports and business community through internships, job shadowing, and school visits with our numerous partners. By the end of senior year, graduates will be prepared to make informed post-secondary choices that foster student success, and include options leading to acceptance to a two or four year college or immediate employment and training in the business and/or sports industries.   

9th grade:

Ninth grade focuses on developing a foundation of academic and organizational skills necessary for success with both classes and Regents exams. First, College & Career Institute (CCI) focuses on academic goal-setting, community building, and understanding of the path to graduation. Students start the English Language Arts, Foreign Language, and Global History sequences and take Integrated Algebra and Living Environment courses that conclude with Regents Exams, as well as a Health and Physical Education classes. Students also must select Arts, Dance, Music, or Business electives.

10th grade:

Tenth grade lays the groundwork for deeper exposure to the business world in 11th and 12th grades. College & Career Institute introduces students formally to the scope of the sports management industry. Business Technologies begins the CTE sequence and culminates Microsoft Office Specialist exams in Word, Excel, and Power Point. Students complete additional Regents course exams in Geometry, Global History, and Earth Science and continue the Foreign Language and English Language Arts, and Physical Education sequences, with an option for additional electives 9th period.

11th grade:

College & Career Institute focuses on the college admissions processes including the SAT. Students continue the CTE sequence in Entrepreneurship, learning the facets of setting up a business and complete Regents courses and exams in English Language Arts and U.S. History and also continue their Geometry/Algebra II courses as necessary. Students also take a full-year Chemistry course along with Physical Education. Eligible students may qualify for College Now classes in Business at local colleges or for internships.

12th grade:

Twelfth grade students delve deeply into the college admissions and career exploration process in the College & Career Institute sequence. Senior year also provides students with first-hand experience running a business, as a double-period Virtual Enterprise program, integrated with courses in Economics and Career & Financial Management, where students create an actual business in the school and compete internationally based on their business plans and presentation skills. Students will complete credit requirements in all subject areas, including a required Participation in Government course. Qualified students can select advanced classes in English, Journalism, Calculus, Sports Medicine, and Arts/Music, as well as a variety of College Now Business and other classes. A credited internship is required, culminating in an industry certification exam in Entrepreneurship.

Please click here to view curriculum maps in 9th and 10th grade classes.

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