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Our Mission

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

Mission Statement  

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is an Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) partnership school.  Using The ISA Seven Principles as our guide, and infusing next generation technology to manage, evaluate and differentiate curriculum, instruction and assessment, we create an academically rigorous and personalized learning environment that provides all students with college access, prepares all students to be college ready and creates opportunities for all students to develop 21st Century skills.

The mission of Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is to promote and develop the art of questioning so that our students are confident self directed learners who are able to understand the world, appreciate multiple perspectives, take action as community activists and become empowered personal advocates.  Hudson HS is dedicated to cultivating strong individuals and future leaders, who will be able to:

·       Use inquiry as a means to clarify information, expand knowledge and connect concepts.

·      Access and assess informational sources, process data, facts and opinions, and communicate new ideas through the development of transliteracy[1] skills. 

·       Deconstruct complex problems and develop collaborative multi-faceted solutions.

·       Act with integrity, increase their resiliency, and respect diversity.

Hudson’s College Preparatory Instructional Program is evident in our standards-based and student-centered learning environments, where teachers of excellence give students opportunities to investigate as self directed learners and make sense of the world in cooperative learning groups.  In these academically rigorous, mixed-ability, and culturally diverse environments there are high expectations for all, and students  learn habits of mind and habits of practice that  increase intelligence and performance.  Authentic assessments  inform instruction.  Extended School Day cycles, as well as Extended School Year opportunities, provide students with added time and resources to master skills, engage in research, participate in internships and seek academic intervention supports and enrichment

At Hudson learning is personalized as cohorts of students learn with Dedicated Grade Teams of Teachers.  Each student has a faculty-advisor who meets with them in a small group advisory setting.  These grade teams and advisories, which are models of Distributed Counseling, foster an intimate learning environment where students know peers and adults well, and have their individual learning styles acknowledged, resulting in differentiated instruction and individualized action plans. 

Distributed leadership is the norm at Hudson High School of Learning Technologies, with teacher leaders in every grade team.  Common planning time is built into the schedule and professional development is ongoing.  Learning walkthroughs, intervisitations and Critical Friends Groups  support the development of best practices, while we also use technology to facilitate professional discussions with ISA schools in NYC and beyond.  Through Continuous Professional Development we expand our capacity to reflect, assess and re-envision our work as we learn from our experiences.  A clear mission and vision, frequently shared and well articulated, combined with opportunities to share and develop best practices, helps to build the foundation for our school to grow as a community of teachers and learners, while establishing lasting protocols, habits and norms, resulting in Continuous Organizational Improvement. 

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies utilizes a virtual learning environment infrastructure that integrates data systems providing all stakeholders with ready access to student and school performance data which guides and supports differentiated instruction and personal learning goals.  Our technology infrastructure  also allows for seamless communication between administrators, educators, students, families, support agencies and learning partners, providing varied and improved opportunities for Parental Involvement.  Our technology affords parents real time access to information, opportunities to communicate and a voice in helping to shape personalized learning plans and school wide programs.

We can all recall a time when, as students, school held the promise of explaining our world and expanding our vistas.  Today, our students begin their education with questions bubbling in their minds, and too often are taught it is not their job to ask the questions, but rather, to recall the right answers.  At Hudson High School of Learning Technologies our students can reclaim their right to ask questions.  They develop the skill of questioning, so that they can connect, discover and create knowledge. Our students learn to be self directed learners as they are provided opportunities to inquire, seek solutions, and recognize complexity so that in the end, more questions are revealed, creating a cycle of life long learning.

[1] Reading, writing and interacting across multiple media and social platform

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