ESL (English as a Second Language)


A total of four hundred sixty four students are classified as entitled ELLs. One hundred ninety seven students are part of one program: Bilingual-Spanish/ ESL- Liberty House. Two hundred sixty seven students are “scattered” through-out the other houses and are part of the Free-Standing/ESL Program. All beginning and intermediate ESL students are scheduled for two periods of ESL and one period of ELA instruction daily. All advanced students of ESL are scheduled for one period of ESL and one period of ELA instruction daily. All bilingual-Spanish/ESL-Liberty House students must be programmed for Bilingual-Spanish content area instruction in math, science and social studies, unless their parents sign opt-out letters. No parents of ELLs can opt-out students from taking mandated ESL-ELA instruction until their children test-out by either scoring at the “Proficient” level on the NYSESLAT or passing the ELA Regents.

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