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For a student to be in the hallways without a pass is to invite suspension. If a student has lunch, he/she may elect to visit the library, but only at the beginning of the period; and he/she must be there before the late bell. A free period does not give students license to roam the halls. If a student needs to see a guidance counselor, he/she must fill out a request form and turn it in to his/her teacher. The counselor will come to get the student. We recommend to use your free period wisely at the library or the computer lab in the library. The following behavior may lead to detention or in-house suspension up to 5 days.

Identification: Failure to present a valid ID and/or program card when requested by a staff member.

Electronic Equipment: Beepers, mobile telephones, CD players, walkmans and all other electronic equipment are prohibited and will be confiscated. Confiscated equipment will be returned to a parent or guardian on record only, by order of the Chancellor.

Headgear and Beads: Hats, bandanas, do-rags, sweatbands, scarves, hoods and other head and gang regalia are prohibited in the school for both young men and young ladies, (religious observance excluded). (Young ladies may wear plastic hair bands.) Students must remove them before they enter the lobby of the building and put them in their book bags. They will be confiscated on sight by staff. Sunglasses, unless prescription, may not be worn in the building.

Disruptive Behavior: Excessive noise or behavior in a classroom, hallway, staircase or other area of the school, which prevents other students from learning.

Verbal Abuse and/or Harassment: Foul language, slurs based on ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

AWOL: Truancy—outside of school without authority.

Cutting: Students not in their designated area are considered cutting unless they have an authorized pass. This is applicable for every period of the student’s schedule. Any student who is in the hallway without a pass after the late bell is considered cutting and will be suspended.

Lateness: All unexcused lateness to class or appointments. Classes missed for lateness to school are considered cuts. Students may not use the bathroom between bells.

Propaganda: Posting or distributing material on school premises in violation of written school rules without proper authorization.

Food: Unauthorized consumption of food or beverages anywhere outside the cafeteria.

Scuffling: Physical contact where no blows are exchanged but physical intimidation is apparent.

Harassment: Posting or distributing obscene, libelous or defamatory material. Engaging in intimidation, coercion, or extortion.

Littering: Let's keep our school clean! Throwing things on the floor instead of a trash, is prohibited.

Violation of the Dress Code: 

  • No attire that has inappropriate or offensive language/pictures. (This includes but is not limited to profanity, vulgarity, and slurs.)
  • No shorts, mini-skirts, or splits higher than half the thigh.
  • No bare mid-section or bare backs.
  • No halter tops, net tops, see-through outfits, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, tube tops, oversized-armhole tank tops, muscle shirts.
  • No shower/flip-flop wear.


    Detention: Students who violate the discipline code may be referred to detention by any staff member in the building. Detention will be processed through the dean’s office of each house. Students will have the opportunity to serve detention during zero or ninth period within 3 days of the initial referral. Students who fail to attend detention will receive double detention. If they fail double detention, they will be assigned “in-school suspension.” Students who are under discipline (detention or suspension) may not participate in after-school activities, class trips, clubs or sports.

    In-School Suspension: Students who do not respect the discipline/security code will be subject to “in-school” suspension. Principal Suspension begins at 3:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM. Students are required to attend while suspended. They are not permitted in the school during regular hours while suspended.

    *The following behavior may lead to notification of police and possible arrest, superintendent suspension and/or principal suspension.

    Insubordination: Defying the authority of the school personnel. All staff are authority in this building.

    Disturbing a Fire Drill: All fire drills are to be “silent drills.” Students who speak or cause other forms of noise are subject to discipline.

    False Alarms: Falsely activating a fire alarm, bomb threat or other disaster alarm will be prosecuted.

    Smoking: Prohibited in or around the school building.

    Physical Violence: Verbal threats to either students or staff. Physically attacking another student or staff member with hands, legs, head or objects.

    Vandalism: Graffiti and anything else that damages or defaces school property.

    Intruders: Inviting unauthorized visitors into the school.

    Fire: Setting a fire in any part of the building; as small as lighting a match.

    Disorderly Conduct: Any action that may cause disruption of the operation of class or the school as a whole.

    Theft: Unauthorized taking of property of the school, staff or students. Illegal possession of school forms.

    Drugs, Alcohol or other Controlled Substances: Possessing or using controlled substances without appropriate authorization.

    Weapons: No weapons of any nature may be brought into the school.

    Gambling: Prohibited in or around the school building.

    Scholastic Dishonesty: Cheating, plagiarism, collusion, presenting work off the internet as your own. Lying or giving false information, changing or altering a record or document of the school by any method, physical or electronic.

    Cheating on Regents Exams: May lead to denial of graduation.

    Sexual Harassment: Engaging in sexually suggestive comments, propositions, or inappropriate physical contact with another person.




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