Releasing student records

    The confidentiality of student records is protected by the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act and Chancellor’s Regulations A-412 and A-820. 

    Chancellor’s Regulation A-412: Security in Schools states the following:


    Absent a health or safety emergency, no information from a student’s record may be released to third parties, including the NYPD and SSAs, except pursuant to a court order or lawfully issued subpoena or upon the informed written consent of the student’s parent or the student if he/she is 18 years of age or older. A health or safety emergency is a situation which presents imminent danger or which requires the immediate need for information in order to avert or diffuse unusual conditions or disruptions. Imminent danger may include an active investigation of a violent crime including, but not limited to, homicide, arson, robbery, sex offenses, weapons possession, or assault, where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a current or former student is a suspect or has information concerning the investigation that is necessary to protect the health or safety of students or others.

    Chancellor’s Regulation A-820: Confidentiality and Release of Student Records; Records Retention has been included in the Appendix.


    ·        In all cases where school staff have been provided with information or an allegation that a school related crime which poses a danger to student(s), staff or the school community has been committed by a student, they shall immediately notify the Executive Principal or an Administrator. An allegation of verbal abuse must also be reported.

    • In all cases where school staff have a reasonable suspicion that a student is a victim of child abuse, maltreatment, or neglect by a parent, a person responsible for the child’s care, or a person regularly or continually found in the child’s household, or by any other person, school staff must immediately report the suspicion to the Executive Principal or an Administrator.
    • Staff members are mandated to report immediately suspicions of child abuse or neglect to the State Central Registry 1-800-635-1522. See Chancellor’s Regulations A-750 in the Appendix for further instructions.


    • The willful and/or knowing failure to report cases may result in criminal action or civil liability.


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