Students, Parents and Guardians, Please help us by reinforcing our Electronics Policy. Students may use their electronics during their lunch period while they are in the cafeteria. Students have to keep their phones in their bags/pockets or lockers during class and in between periods.

New York State Regents Examinations


Citywide Behavioral Expectations Code Booklet

 Dress Code: 
 The following items are considered inappropriate
  •  Pants that are sagging (pants must be worn at the waist and not expose underwear)
  •  Hats, skullies or do-rags
  •  Shirts with inappropriate text or pictures
  •  Spaghetti strap tank tops
  •  Low cut or midriff shirts
  •  Any top that exposes the torso
  •  Mini-skirts or extremely short shorts
  •  Spandex pants unless accompanied by a long shirt
  •  Anything see-through

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