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Welcome to U. S. A. website! We are a community of learners.

The Spring 2016 term has begun for all students. This is a fresh start for semester. There will be tutoring after-school and during fifth period. Please refer to tutoring schedules for teacher availability! We also have started our P. M. School and Saturday Academy for students that need to make-up credits. These opportunities offer second chances to all our students at U. S. A.

April 11, 2016 Junior Trip to Lafayette College
April 14, 2016 Mid-term exams in English, E. S. L., Social Studies
April 15, 2016 Mid-term exams in Physical Education and Mathematics
April 18, 2016 Mid-term exams in  C. T. E., Spanish, Music and Health
April 19, 2016 Mid-term exams in Anatomy
April 20, 2016 Mid-term exams in Economics, Global II
April 20, 2016 Junior Parent Night 6:00 p. m. to 8:00 p. m.
April 21, 2016 Mock Regents (By grades) Schedule will be given to students (Modified Schedule)
April 22, 2016 Mock Regents (By grades) Schedule will be given to students (Modified Schedule)
April 25 to 29, 2016 Spring Recess
The following subjects will use the Mock Regents for mid-term grade: Chemistry, Advanced Placement Biology, all mathematics courses, Living Environment, Advanced Placement U. S. History, Earth Science, Global IV, Advanced Placement Literature, and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.

School resumes on Monday May 2, 2016
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