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Media / Journalism Academy

At the Academy of Media Journalism we strive to provide a family-like and academic atmosphere, which will engage students in the learning process. The school’s philosophy is that of a vigorous academic institution attempting to challenge and invigorate students through the many types of journalism. Teachers create learning environments in their classrooms that foster a professional approach towards journalism. Through experiential learning and teaching, the curriculum will be project-based, hands-on and will encourage group work. The curriculum will focus on topics that generate critical thinking and understanding. Teachers will have common planning time built into their schedules. This provides staff with the opportunity to integrate the curriculum across the disciplines, share ideas, look at students’ work, share concerns about students and discuss students’ progress. Our goal has always been to create a small teaching and learning community that is unique and distinct in its approach, exploration and outcome. An Academy of Journalism is a natural fit to a school with a proud history and tradition in printing and communication arts. The Academy of Journalism is confident the students will be motivated and excited to participate in school-wide projects like a newspaper and literary magazine. By creating real products, students not only will be acquiring necessary academic skills, they will also be learning state-of-the-art technology in hands-on classrooms. Besides working in school, students will have opportunities to shadow industry professionals in apprenticeship programs. Having professionals as models will motivate students to the highest levels of achievement.

The Media / Journalism Academy has a director, Mr. Llermi Gonzales and a coordinator, Ms. Erin Lenahan.  They can be reached at (212)245-5925 ext. 358

Media / Journalism Courses Sequence
(Program applying for NY State Certification).


Introduction to Graphic Communication Arts/Computers.

Photojournalism and photography for publication.

Broadcast journalism introduction to video.

Advanced video and short film production.

Introduction to Web design

Web Journalism

Introduction to Desktop Publishing and Printing.

Advanced Desktop Publishing and Printing.

Work Based Learning

Career and financial management, (CFM).


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