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Commercial Art Academy


The Academy of Visual Arts is one of five small learning communities at The High School of Graphic Communication Arts. At the core of the academy is a state certified vocational education program in design. This means that the career and technical education (CTE) courses you will take over four years culminate with a state CTE endorsed diploma. The endorsement represents your expertise in the field graphic design. While attending our academy you will be taught by trained professionals from the commercial art. These dedicated individuals have spent several years working in the field and will pass their knowledge you. They will train you using the newest techniques currently used in the industry. Many of the classrooms you will be taught in are routinely revamped with new Apple Macintosh computers, and are frequently updated with the latest industry software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. These CTE classes are never going over 28 students per class, providing each student with plenty of personal attention.

The Commercial Art Academy Director is Mrs. Amal Abodi.  She can be reached at 212-245-5925 ext 369.  The coordinator is Mr. Yanovski. 

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