Special Programs

In addition to the required college-preparatory program, the students attending our school are required to complete a Leadership and Public Policy Course of Study and a full year of law. Students must complete a minimum of 200 hours of community/public service in order to graduate from our school.

Two in-house mentoring programs, Syracuse University Mentor/Mentee Alliance (SUMMA) and New York Opportunity Network (NYON), open doors for our students academically, professionally, and personally.

SUMMA is a program that partners Leadership students with successful Syracuse University graduates who live and work in or around New York City.  Together, mentoring pairs participate in social, academic and community service activities throughout the school year.  They navigate high school challenges, explore college and career options, and establish life-long friendships.

Our SUMMMA mentoring program has been singled out by the New York City Department of Education as an excellent model for University/high school partnerships.
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