Our Mission and Vision

It is our mission to produce student achievers who are set on the path of lifelong learning and enjoy the process. We are committed to providing a child centered environment that will inspire and challenge all of our students to become critical and independent thinkers, readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, and problem solvers.  Our school environment will encourage self-respect and self-awareness from the collective effort and cooperation of our parents, teachers, staff, and community.  We will prepare all of our children for life now and for the technological demands of the future with the expectation of their being fully prepared to be participants in this new century.

The instructional leadership of our educational community is one with a vision that understands the cognitive and effective processes of children.  Our instructional leadership respects and nurtures the multiple intelligences of our students.  Our resources and finances will be aligned to enrich professional development, curriculum and instruction, teaching and learning, parental involvement, and support services for the improvement of student performance.  We envision a performance standards driven school in a nurturing and safe environment where all children are held to high expectations and one that enables children to reach their greatest potentials.  The vision of P.S. 76 -- The Asa Philip Randolph School for the Humanities -- is a vision that reflects our belief that whether students are identified as regular education students, students with special needs, English Language Learners, high/low achievers, they are all entitled to a "standards-based" education that will result in their being able to read and solve problems analytically and critically.  The materials and resources utilized in our instructional programs will be developmentally appropriate and accessible through a multiplicity of modalities.
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