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Technology News from Mr. Luongo

Hmmm…where do we start?

I am happy to announce that construction of our new
state-of-the-art computer lab and conference room is about to begin! 
We plan to have:
plenty of student workstations
wireless laptops
smartboard technology
new printers
a new scanner
...and more!

Please keep checking back here for updates!
In the meantime, here are some cyber research tips from our students:

-"Be careful…read everything!"

-"Avoid www.askforkids.com. It leads to lots of incorrect links.
We recommend you use www.google.com instead, to get better results."

-"Check your spelling."

-"Don’t click on popups...they lead you away from staying on task."

-"Contact your teacher if there are problems."

-"Typing slower and correcting your mistakes as you go along
is better than typing too quickly and making LOTS of mistakes!"

-"Reread EVERYTHING you write."

-"Be specific when researching online. Don't waste time."

Some tips from Mr. Luongo:
Remember…Never go online without your parents' permission!
Parents... Please sit with your children when they are online!

researching online

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