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Admissions and Graduation Requirements

See Series A-101: Admissions, Readmissions, Transfer and List Notice for All Students and Series A-501: Promotion Standards.

Admission Criteria



· Children who will turn 4 years old between January 1 and December 31.

· Applications available at the main office.

Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grades

· Child must be zoned to P.S. 185.

Dual Language Program For Grades Prek-2

· Child must be zoned to P.S. 185.

· Available seating will be given to other applicants from the district (in the given order).

Gifted and Talented Program For Grade K-2

· Child is tested and placed by the Department of Education G&T Placement office. (tested at the zoned school).

Tours are posted in September. Individual Tours will be provided.


    All Parents will need the following at registration:

    1. The parent with child

    2. Child's Birth Certificate

    3. Immunization Card (Shots required at registration)

    · 4 DPT’s

    · 3 Polios

    · 2 MMR’s ( First MMR must be done after first birthday)

    · 3 Hepatitis B

    · 1 Varicella

    4. Evidence of a recent Physical Examination on the Department of Health Physical Form.

    5. Prek – Children born in 2004 December 31st .

    6. Kindergarten – Children born in 2005 by December 31st.

    7. 1st Grade – Children born in 2006 by December 31st.

    8. Proof of Address.

    Acceptable documents for proof of address:

    · Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electric). Name of parent must be on the bill.

    · Documents from city housing authority.

    · Medical Insurance Card. – Letter from employer (on letterhead).

    · Letter from the community agency (on letterhead).

    · Deed to a house- Letter of introduction from DOE – for students in temporary housing.

    · Documents from Human Resource Administration

    Unacceptable Documents for proof of address:

    · Telephone bill

    · Drivers License

    · Lease by itself

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