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Our Mission and Vision

Alain L. Locke- P.S. 208 Mantra

I was born from Greatness
Therefore that makes me Great
Today I will spread Love
Not hate
Not lies
Not violence
Just Love

I will do more
I will learn more
I will be more
Than anyone ever thought I could
Today I will strive for GREATNESS and nothing less.

Created by Susan M. Green © 2007



 “Greatness and nothing less” will be the motivating force of all the constituents who make up the Alain L. Locke Elementary School - P.S. 208.  Our school will be a place where all community members, children, educators, parents, support staff and community based organizations will work rigorously and collaboratively in creating academic, extra curricular and project-based opportunities, where students can both discover and develop the gifts and talents that lie within.


Vision Statement


Every student at Alain L. Locke Elementary School-P.S. 208 will be a student who views his or her self as intelligent and gifted, recognizes the value of their presence within our school community and beyond, and will realize they have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the larger community while being successful in their own right. Students will hold themselves in high esteem, as they will showcase their variety of talents in ways that cater to their unique styles of learning, through both the academics and project-based activities as well as the Arts.  Students and staff alike will hold themselves accountable to “greatness and nothing less.”

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