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  • Our Mission
"Learning is likely to be more effective if it grows out of what interests the learner." This sign hangs in a prominent position in a jumbled office that bustles with activity and serves as the heart of the school. All indicators point to the main philosophy of the school -- that we want all students to feel that they are in control of their education. The Center School starts with the needs of children and is constantly focused on the means to meet these needs. We provide a rich academic life with good literature to read, opportunity to think and express your thoughts, and a myriad of ways to express yourself through art, drama, and writing. Recognizing the special needs of the adolescent and their struggle with puberty and emotions, the staff tries to help them develop a sense of their own value system.

  • Special Programs
Regents math; Advanced Placement English; Latin and theater.

  • Extracurricular Activities
School offers homework help, drama club, band, basketball, track, cooking, crafts, and computer.

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