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  • Our Mission
The mission of Dual Language Middle School (DLMS) is to support a dual language instructional model which promotes academic excellence and is built upon student strengths and curiosities. At our school, we believe that children who love languages can learn best through the dual language structure. Students are encouraged to question, challenge, make real decisions, and work collaboratively to solve problems. Through a rigorous project-directed, theme-based curriculum, children learn that school is a place to develop respect for self and others. Our mission is founded on the premise that we must experience an atmosphere of trust, safety, security, and personal attention in order to develop emotional and intellectual growth.

  • Special Programs
Dual Language Middle School is a place where points of view are shared freely, where students can trust and be trusted while they learn the discipline of Experiential Science, Connected Math, Balanced Literacy, Facing History within Ourselves, Writing Workshop and Regents-level Spanish.

  • Extracurricular Activities
At DLMS close relationships create a climate for personal growth and intellectual development. Community resources are integrated into the school program, including programs in competitive running, an NBA-sponsored basketball program and Intensives in the arts, music, dance, drama, and sports.

  • Our Community
Our programs expand the walls of the school to include experiences that take place at local museums, libraries, art institutes, botanical gardens, zoological parks and the community-at-large. This process occurs because all staff members engage in constant curricular dialogue and have mastered their subject areas.
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