Wadleigh's Home-School Compact

Below please find a reprint of the School Compact to which students are to adhere and parents are to encourage.


In order for every student to reach the high academic standards that is the mission of Wadleigh Secondary School, the following must be in place. The cooperation of the students and parents is critical in making this happen. We want Wadleigh’s students to put forth the effort needed to be successful and refrain from disrupting the education of other students. Every student has the right to an excellent education in a peaceful environment.


  1. ALL students must be in attendance everyday and on time to school and all classes during the day.
  2. Classes begin promptly everyday at 8:00am. All students are expected to be sitting in their classrooms by this time. Students can arrive to school starting at 7:30am and sit in the cafeteria where they can enjoy a hot, nutritious breakfast.
  3. ALL students must come prepared for instruction with a book bag, a 5 section binder, loose leaf lined paper, a pen and a pencil. We provide calculators and journal notebooks for use in school and all textbooks and review books.
  4. ALL students must follow school rules at all times which include no food, drink, headgear or electronic equipment at anytime in the building.
  5. Students, who fail classes, are late to school or absent frequently, or do not follow school rules, or are disrespectful to staff members, will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities.

Zero Tolerance:

  1. All students must be dressed in uniform everyday, black pants/skirts, black shoes/sneakers (all black), and white shirts or tops or polos.
  2. All students must carry valid ID cards with their program cards attached on the back at all times. These ID cards will be displayed at all times around neck.
  3. Absolutely no food, headgear or electronic equipment will be permitted into the building. Leave them at home. They will be confiscated and only returned to parents.
  4. No cursing or loud talking at anytime.
  5. The Pass Policy must be adhered to at all times.


No disruption while class is in progress. All students must be seated and ready for instruction at the late bell.  All class work assigned must be done in class. Students do not have the option to not do work they do not feel like doing. All students must follow the directions of the teachers in their classrooms.


All students must follow the directions of the staff members in the hallways and stairwells. All students out of classroom during classroom time must display the pass from their teacher.


No standing is permitted in the stairwells.

Play Ground and Pit:

Students will be permitted to play in the playground in the back yard and in the pit in the front of the school during their lunch periods.

Substitute Teacher:

Students are to behave the same way following all school rules when their teachers are absent and substitute teachers are in their classrooms. Students must do the work assigned by the substitute teachers.


All students must get dressed in the gym uniform for physical education. Students must adhere to all the school rules in addition to any specific rules set by the gym teachers.


All students will be expected to sit in assigned seats and remain quiet during all events in the auditorium.


All students are expected to leave the vicinity of the school immediately upon dismissal. They should not stop to speak with friends at the street corners.


Students should not attempt to ride the elevator without an elevator pass. Absolutely no exceptions. Students should not lend their passes to others for any reasons. Violations will result in loss of elevator privileges.

Student Conflicts:

Student conflicts will be resolved peacefully via Wadleigh’s Conflict Mediation Program.

Science Laboratory:

Students must wear safety devices such as aprons, goggles, etc.

Respect for Authority:

All students must listen to and follow directions of all adults in the building.

Respect for School Property:

Students may not vandalize school property or steal school property. Students who deface the building with graffiti will be subject to arrest.

Play Fighting:

Students may not participate in play fighting because it often leads to a real fight, then both students will be suspended or hurt or both.

Entrances and Exits:

Students must enter the building at the student entrance and swipe their ID card to gain entry. Their attendance and time of arrival is recorded and a record is kept. Students may not leave the school unless it is the end of their school day according to their program card then they leave through the main entrance only.

Students who misbehave will be given detention. Students who do not attend detention or who have been in detention three times or more will have a parent conference. If behavior does not improve, students will be suspended in house via a teacher removal, then by the principal and then by the superintendent. Students who continue to have challenges adjusting to Wadleigh will be counseled into more appropriate settings.

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