Lateness Reduction Program and School Entrance Policy

The Lateness Reduction Program (LRP) seeks to motivate students to arrive on time for their first class by recording each lateness in the computer so that students are held accountable. Their report cards will reflect the true number of latenesses in each marking period. This will also enable us to identify habitual latecomers for early intervention through parental contacts.

The LRP has a few very simple elements:

Students may only enter the building through the student entrance. School aides will monitor the entrance along with school safety agents. Every student must show a program card and a Wadleigh ID card in order to gain entrance. If a student is more than 5 minutes late for their first period class, they lateness will be recorded by the School Aide to be entered into the computer, and they will be given a late pass. The family workers will monitor students’ lateness records and immediately notify parents if an at-risk pattern begins to develop.

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