Model United Nations

Our school offers Model United Nations to the students who are willing to steps beyond mainstream curricula learning.

The United Nations Association of United States of America (UNA-USA) sponsors MUN through Global Classroom. MUN began more than 50 years ago, is an authentic simulation of the debates and deliberations of U.N. bodies, such as the General Assembly, the Security council, and other multilateral organs, in which students step into the shoes of ambassadors of U.N. member states. Global Classroom affects students’ character and personality, academic performance and life skills. Students who participate in this program:

1. Become expert researchers as they investigate multilateral issues from a national perspective;

2. Acquire negotiation skills as they role-play the representative of the particular country;

3. Develop public speaking and debating skills as they articulate their assigned country’s stand on various issues;

4. Engage in consensus-building while taking into account the views and opinions of other member states; and,

5. Learn to respect and become sensitive to others as they interact with people who with differences.

excerpted from the Model United Nations website

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