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Click here and try it for yourself------- schoolisland.com

Technology is playing a greater role in your education today. Wadleigh Secondary School has invested in a unique Internet based educational tool called SCHOOL ISLAND.

Each student has been or will be issued a personal SCHOOL ISLAND ID. This ID needs to be activated along with your desired password.

The SCHOOL ISLAND IDs have been established in the following format for your

use: WAD- followed by first 3 letters of your first name followed by the first 6 letters of your last name

(Example: WAD-Stesmith for student Steve Smith)

Please Note: The DASH after the WAD needs to be included with No Spaces.

Procedures for Activating your ID:

1. Log on to: www.schoolisland.com

2. Enter your SCHOOL ISLAND ID in the box noted

3. SKIP the Password and click on SIGN IN

4. The site will prompt you to create a PASSWORD

5. Enter your desired Password twice and click on SAVE or SUBMIT

6. The site will take you directly to the STUDENT HOME PAGE.

Please Note: School Island is not case sensitive and Passwords need to be a minimum of

four characters.

You will be able to create your own review sessions in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

You will be able to access SCHOOL ISLAND from school, home or any location with

Internet access.

You may receive assigned sessions from your teachers. This will be noted on the

Student Home Page by a RED Exclamation Mark and the words “New Assignment Alert!”

SCHOOL ISLAND offers a fully defined Vocabulary, Flash Cards and Constructive Response sections.

SCHOOL ISLAND is interactive and will prompt you with hints, reasons and

Progress reports to shows strengths and weaknesses.

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