Attendance and Grades


Regular school attendance is a necessary prerequisite to optimal educational success.

Students who attend all classes regularly and punctually contribute to a school climate which is conducive to learning for all. Students are also accountable for every minute of every class. Students are expected to arrive at each class, be seated, and be ready for instruction prior to the sounding of the passing bell.

Students are not to be excused from classrooms to use the telephone, the drinking fountain, or lavatory, except in cases of emergency. If it becomes necessary for a student to be excused, the teacher will sign the student's planner, which must be carried at all times.

All absences are counted including:

  • Legal absences (illness, religious holidays, or death in the family)
  • Illegal absence (all other reasons)
  • Truancy (reason not given or parents do not excuse absence)
  • Cuts

This means that when you are not in class you are counted as absent. Absence negatively impacts achievement.


Grades earned in any course shall reflect the student’s daily achievement as well as the fulfillment of other academic requirements that may be established by the teacher.

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