Math B - Semester 1

The following is a tentative list of topics which will be covered in M$4. The order in which they will be covered may change and some related topics may be added while others may be removed.

  1. Rationalizing binomial denominators.
  2. Simplifying algebraic fractions.
  3. Simplifying complex fractions.
  4. Solving radical equations.
  5. Graphing quadratic equations.
  6. Finding the vertex and Axis of Symmetry of a quadratic equation
  7. Using the discriminant to determine nature of the roots.
  8. Applying the Quadratic Formula to find the roots.
  9. Finding the product and sum of the roots
  10. Max/Min word problems.
  11. Review right triangle trig.
  12. Introduce unit circle.                  
  13. Introduce reciprocal trig functions and quadrants (ASTC).
  14. Special right triangles (30º,60º,90º & 45º,45º,90º)
  15. Defining radian measure.
  16. Converting radian to degrees and degrees to radians.
  17. Introduce coterminal angles.
  18. Introduce reference angles.
  19. Arc measure – radius – radian angle measure relationship.
  20. Relations vs Functions.
  21. Equation of a circle
  22. Review different types of functions (linear, quadratic, abs value)


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