Math B - Semester 2

The following is a tentative list of topics which will be covered during the fall semester. The order in which they will be covered may change and some related topics may be added while others may be removed.

Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

  1. Graph of systems of linear equations.
  2. Solution of systems of linear equations by graphing (finding point of intersection)
  3. Solution of systems of linear equations by Substitution / Elimination (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
  4. Determinants and the solution of linear equations in two variables
  5. Distance between two points on a graph of a linear equation (distance formula)
  6. Midpoint of a segment of a graph of a linear equation (midpoint formula)


  1. Central angles and Arc measure using degree measure
  2. Measure of Inscribed Angles (Chords, Secant lines, Tangent lines)
  3. Measure of Angle on interior of circle
  4. Measure of angle on exterior of circle

Functions:  Composition

1.      Composition of linear functions

2.      Composition of linear and quadratic functions


Functions:  Exponential, Logarithm, Hyperbolas

1.      Relations and functions (defining and comparing/contrasting)

2.      Hyperbolas and discontinuity

3.      Exponential Function

4.      Logarithm Function



1.      ABS Value Meaning

2.      ABS Value Equations

3.      ABS Value Inequalities

4.      Linear inequalities

5.      Simultaneous linear inequalities

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