Math B - Semester 3

The following is a tentative list of topics which will be covered during the fall semester. The order in which they will be covered may change and some related topics may be added while others may be removed.

  1. Functions:  Trigonometric (amplitude, period, phase shift)
  2. Reference angles review
  3. Sine and Cosecant functions in a right triangle
  4. Graph of Sine:  Amplitude, period
  5. Cosine and Secant functions in a right triangle
  6. Graph of Cosine:  Amplitude, period
  7. Special Triangles:  30 º-60º-90º;  45º-45º-90º
  8. Functions:  Exponential, Logarithm, Hyperbolas
  9. Relations and functions (defining and comparing/contrasting)
  10. Hyperbolas and discontinuity
  11. Exponential Function
  12. Logarithm Function
  13. Functions:  Composition
  14. Composition of linear functions
  15. Composition of linear and quadratic functions
  16. Linear Functions in Three Variables
  17. Graphs of linear functions in three variables
  18. Algebraic solution of linear equations in three variables
  19. Determinants in the solution of linear equations in three variables
  20. Complex Numbers
  21. Understanding
  22. Graph of complex numbers
  23. Solving linear and quadratic equations using complex numbers
  24. Geometric Proofs

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