Extracurricular Activities

Manhattan Hunter Science High School’s extracurricular program serves a two‑fold purpose. It provides opportunities for learning experiences growing out of one’s individual interests and it supplements and enriches the curricular offerings.

Manhattan Hunter Science High School believes that students who are part of extra-curricular programs are more closely allied to the school and will benefit both personally and knowledgeably by their involvement. Students should be aware that participation in activities will appear on transcripts sent to other institutions.

All students are encouraged to support their fellow students by attending activities such as games, meets, musical and theatrical performances. There are few greater rewards for the time and effort of preparation than the encouragement of one’s peers. Unofficial “cheerleaders” can make a significant contribution to the spirit of the school and the success of its activities.


In order to participate in all extracurricular activities a student must:

  • Not be under disciplinary action prescribed or approved by the principal and/or the superintendent
  • Not have failing grades in more than one course for which credit is given

Students who find themselves ineligible for the first time may continue full participation in extra and co-curricular activities if they:

  • Attend extra help sessions 3 times per week
  • Submit a completed extra help form each week signed by their teachers
  • Demonstrate a passing cumulative average in all courses at the end of the next marking period

Students who fail to attend to these expectations, or fail one or more courses for which credit is given a second time become ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

While ineligible students may not participate or serve in:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Performances
  • Practice/team meetings
  • After school activities connected with the group/team
  • A leadership position within an activity and/or represent the activity
  • Attend field trips

Students may regain eligibility if they:

  • Attend extra help sessions 3 times per week, for the next marking period
  • Demonstrate that they are passing all courses at the end of the marking period
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