Our Mission and Vision and Accomplishments

P.S. 112 is a community of learners that is dedicated to developing the whole child as an independent learner, thinker and problem-solver. The staff and the administrators believe that every student will be encouraged to maximize his/her ability to learn and achieve social and academic success. We recognize that education is fostered through cooperation among teachers, students, parents and community. We are committed to creating a rich learning environment that provides our students with the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and to become productive members of society.

Our Vision:
We see our school as a community of learners where all members of the staff, students, and parents support and accept each other, and meet the needs of individuals. It is the hope that all members of our community will become life long learners, be flexible, embrace change and become active participants in our school and society. Ideally, all members of the community will be responsible and accountable. The members will respect themselves and others. The members will develop critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

Over the last few years PS 112 has been recognized by the New York State Department of Education as an OutstandingEarly Childhood and a High performing Gap Closing School. It has been recognized by the New York City Department of Education to be a CollaborativeCommunity of Practice School/Mentor School for the best practices in earlychildhood, literacy and math. PS 112 was selected to be an exemplary site for Columbia University Teachers College Reading/Writing Project as well as aScholar In Residence School. PS 112 received the national Pete and CarrieRozelle Award from the National Center for Learning Disabilities. “This awardis given to a school that addresses the educational and social/emotional needsof all children, including those with learning disabilities. The award is givento schools that tap the expertise of both general and special educationpersonnel, maintains high expectations for all its learners, carefully monitorsstudent progress in frequent intervals and makes instructional decisions forindividual students based on current data. The school identifies and servesstudents who are “at risk” before they experience frustration and failure. PS112 was recognized by Region 9 as an outstanding Early Childhood School. ThePre-K Program was also recognized as outstanding by Region 9. In July 2009 PS112 was recognized by the New York State Department of Education VESID Grantfor " successful validation of the effective practice of data-baseddecision making for effective special education instruction and the ASD NestProgram inclusive collaborative Team teaching model for students with AspergerSyndrome." With this distinction, our practice will be included in theonline Statewide Clearinghouse for effective practices in Special education toserve as a model for schools and districts across the State. PS 112 received“Well developed” in all areas on the 2006-2007 Quality Review. On the 2007-2008Quality Review, PS 112 received “Well Developed” in three out of the fiveQuality Statements and Outstanding on two of Quality Review Statements. In2008-2009, PS 112 received a “Well Developed” on the Quality Review that tookplace in October 2008. PS 112's inquiry team was selected as a model by theNYCDOE. 
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