Professional Learning

PS112 has worked hard to build a strong learning community. There are many opportunities for teachers to grow professionally and to reflect on their practice of teaching and learning. Professional development is embedded into the school day. Professional  learning is determined both by the needs of the teachers and by the assessment of the quality of student work in relation to the NYS and NYC learning and performance standards. PS112's professional development team consists of the literacy and math coaches, our Reading Recovery teachers and our teacher leaders and the administration.

PS112 is a Professional Development School in partnership with Hunter College. We have student teachers and interns from Hunter College's Early Childhood Program, Childhood Education Program and Early Childhood Special Education Program.  
As a PD school, teachers are engaged in teacher inquiry. We have a PDS Advisory committee that consists of six PS112 teacher leaders.

PS112 faculty have made presentations at local and national conferences.

  • Holmes Partnership-Teachers presented on their inquiry in math and on Reverse Professional Development
  • Presented at the National Conference of Teacher's of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • PS112 was selected to make a presentation at the AERA Conference in California on the Math Inquiry
  • Presented at the Citywide Conference at Hunter College

Our professional learning consists of the following:

  • Teacher inquiry/action research in the area of math
  • Grade level learning team meetings
  • Coaching and modeling in classrooms
  • Mentor Program
  • Study groups based on teacher interest and needs: ELL, Technology, Inquiry Teams
  • Extended Day professional development
  • Teachers meeting about issues related to their practice of teaching and learning
  • Inter visitations
  • Collaborative Planning on grade levels
  • Reading Recovery teachers providing professional development
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Attendance at Teacher's College Calendar Days
  • Teacher's College Staff Developer working with teachers in the area of writing and reading.
  • Looking at student work(ie.writing, math work)
  • Grade leaders supporting teachers
  • Teachers on each grade level participate in lesson study in mathematics with the math coach.
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