Social Studies


    An inquiry based learning approachis used to teach social studies based on the New York State and New York CityLearning and Performance Standards. The Social Studies Core Curriculum is being implemented in gradeK-2.  We have developed a libraryof non-fiction and fiction books that support the standards basedinterdisciplinary thematic units in Social Studies. 


    Conceptsand themes serve as content organizers for our social studies program.  Students construct concepts and themesas they interact with their environment. This process is ongoing, stimulated by active, meaningful involvementand is developmental in nature. The key concepts of the social studies curriculum are organized intobroad categories of history, geography, economics, civics, citizenship andgovernment.  The course of studygives students the knowledge, the intellectual skills, civic understanding anddisposition towards democratic values that are necessary to function inAmerican society.


    Thesocial studies curriculum emphasizes the teaching of concepts, content skillsand the uses of inquiry techniques. The challenge of the program is to develop awareness and knowledge ofour multicultural society; of a multicultural world, past and present.  Students to develop the tools necessaryfor teaching, learning, problem solving, reflective reading, decision making,critical thinking, deliberate writing and social action that will provide themwith an integrated curriculum for living in a rapidly changing world.  To facilitate the implementation andevaluation of the social studies curriculum, monthly calendars are used listingtopics and skills to be taught along with suggested multicultural celebrations.


    Through the use of project-basedactivities, students learn together, original and present information.  Technology is used whenappropriate.  Social studiescontent knowledge is also developed through content area reading during theliteracy block.

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