Library Policies

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure the library is an inviting and useful space for all students. All students may access the library during the following times:
• Lunch
• After School
• During class with a pass from their teacher

All students must have their program or a pass from a teacher to enter the library.

1.   When you enter the library, show your program to the librarian and sign in.
2.   Keep all food and drinks in your bag.
3.   Keep all electronic devices off.   
4.   Use computers for academic purposes only--to do research, complete assignments, etc.
5.   Speak at a volume that will not disturb other library users.
6.   Remove all headgear when you enter the library--hats, headphones, etc.         

Feel free to ask the librarian if you have any questions or if you need any assistance.

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